Monday, April 27, 2009

One of my guilty Pleasures

I love Skyline Chili, and my friends do to. Every time I go back to Fort Lauderdale it's imperative that I make a stop at Skyline. Seriously this stuff is like crack!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just another day on the F-Train

New York City street & subway performers never cease to amaze me. This young gentleman is one of my favorite NYC Flautists! I don't know him by name, but the magical sounds that come out of this man's flute will blow your mind. I took this photo on March 17th 2009 at the Broadway/Lafayette stop of the F train.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The State DVD boxset is coming!

The State has been my favorite comedy show for quite some time now. I watched the VHS Skits & Stickers so many times that the tape eventually started to wear out. I'm very excited to hear that the State complete DVD box set will be available July 14th, 2009. My prayers have been answered. Make sure you pick this up!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tour Updates

Greetings earthlings,

Things have been very busy in my world of music.
I'm really looking forward to upcoming June tour dates in England. My latest project TKF has been in and out of the studio for the last few months working on our 1st release, but have still yet to play out live. The guys and I will be performing at a few festivals in addition to our UK club dates. for more info check us out here:

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In Le MOOD news!

We have our next headlining show coming up Friday May 1st @ Crash Mansion NYC
located at 199 Bowery & ask to be on Le Mood's Guest list.

I am currently in the process of confirming some west coast dates for Le Mood. It's looking like we will be doing a few shows in Hollywood CA, Las Vegas, & Phoenix, AZ. However, we will be playing our first show at Union Hall in Brooklyn June 11th.

We are still working on demos for our follow up to last years Synaesthesia EP. We have a full albums worth of new material that we will be sorting through over the next few months and tentatively looking at a fall release.

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Look for an all new website & myspace in the next few months, in the meantime get your fix at!
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Thanks for your support,

Best Wishes,

Marco Argiro

Always keep your cardio interesting

I run into a lot of amazing people in my travels. On my most recent trip back home to Ft. Lauderdale for a friends wedding I saw this guy jogging down Las Olas Blvd toward the beach. I quickly pulled over the car, ran across the street having just enough time to capture this shot on my IPhone before the guy raced passed me at mach 10! (Notice the lovely fake fluorescent cocktail glasses he is balancing in his right hand) I told my dad about him, and he said he had been seeing this guy running in the area for years. New York City is certainly not the only place to spot characters like this. Lauderdale reminded me of this, and gave my girlfriend Anelka and I quite the chuckle.