Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jerry "The Killer" Lee Lewis

"Will you remember Jerry Lee, John Lennon, T-Rex & Ol Moulty?" Lyrics from The Ramone's song "Do you remember Rock n Roll Radio? Yes of of course we will... but sadly Marc Bolan & John Lennon have passed & I have yet to cross paths with Barbarian's drummer Victor Moulton. I did however catch a full set by this mean old man the other night!!

I've been going to shows since I can remember and have seem some of the great Rock n Roll pioneers. Little Richard, Dion, Beach Boys, etc. but this past Monday I was lucky enough to catch the one the only Killer himself Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis. The show was held at BB Kings on Monday September 13th in Time Square NYC. I couldn't have imagined a better seat to watch the hour long set of classic rock n roll tunes. Jerry Lee is 75 years old and still wailing away on that piano. My favorite quote from the show was
"I may still be the killer, but this here piano's a real piece of junk"
(Commenting on the venue's "house" piano)
Here is some live video footage & some of the pictures I took from down in front of his piano on my I-phone. Please excuse the terrible audio. Long live rock n roll! =MA=

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